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Fish Skinner

Table Top Fish Skinner(MS281)

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Table Top Fish Skinner(MS281)

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 Model Number

MS 281


  • Use : Skinning of fishes
  • Application fishes : All types within machine's dimensional capacity
  • Capacity : 15 ~ 30 fishes/min, Type ; Skinning by roller and knife.
  • Dimension : W330, L370, H350mm , Effective width: 210mm
  • Weight : 32Kg
  • Input power : 110/220VAC, 1Ph, 60Hz (Other voltage available upon request)
  • Motor capacity : 180Watt


  • Super-compact and simple table top design suitable for fish processing shop or
    restaurant business.
  • All constructed with stainless steel and reinforced plastic, robust and rust-free.
  • Skinning knife position adjustment in both up/down and forward/reverse direction
    for fine adjustment of skinning behavior per different fish type, skin thickness.
  • One-touch disassembly of the skinning knife and upper plate for ease of cleaning
  • Easy and safe operation
    -Manual feed-in of fish and automatic skin-off
    -Fish fed flatly and stays on the top side of machine and skin fed out under the roller
      to the front side of machine-easy to collect the skin.
  • The skinning roller stays clean during operation by continuous water washing.
  • Compact but powerful motor guarantees noise and vibration free operation with
  • waterproof electric switch provided for safety.
  • Saty sensor and cover provided for safe operation.
  • Car battery driven model available upon request (Consult with manufacturer)
  • Industrial use of large capacity machine also available upon request.

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